Value Engineering

We strive to perform each project as economically and efficiently as possible for every client we serve. To achieve this goal, early collaboration between all stakeholders and the RIC Construction Team can produce significant cost savings. Through value engineering, we have successfully provided engineering and construction alternatives that have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowed for faster delivery of the final project.

Budgeting & Estimating

RIC Construction has successfully prepared cost estimates on projects ranging from thousands to multi-millions of dollars. Our estimates support planning, design, construction, and renovation. We assure accurate estimates of construction costs through the involvement of our clients and the architectural and engineering staff. We develop budgetary and detailed cost estimates in accordance with our client’s needs. We solicit vendor quotes, where appropriate, and obtain local material costs from suppliers in the vicinity of the project. RIC Construction derives labor productivity rates from project experience and our history database.


RIC Construction has an expert team of professionals with in-depth industry experience to evaluate project schedules to identify all possible pitfalls in scope, logic, sequence and duration. Their evaluation helps clients sort out critical vs. non-critical activities and evaluate resource allocation. RIC Construction’s experts define our best practices by utilizing the most sophisticated methods for establishing and evaluating schedule conflicts, analyzing delays/acceleration, conducting productivity analysis, auditing costs and determining damages.