For our clients that are looking to streamline and optimize their construction process, we offer a single source of accountability with our design-build services. With this approach, RIC Construction is able to keep projects within a realistic budget by ensuring cost implications of design choices are clearly communicated in the design phase. Additionally, as design and construction details are being developed throughout the entire process, RIC Construction is able to keep the focus on owner “value”. We are also able to achieve faster project completion and quality control as we are the central point of contact and a key orchestrator for all project action items.

Site Development

At RIC Construction, we know that project quality and success begin with superior site work. Whether the project is a commercial site, a retail center, a financial institution, an industrial project, or an institutional facility, RIC Construction can accomplish our client’s site work in a safe and timely manner. On-time site work at the lowest possible production cost is our goal because we know that this is what sets the stage for the rest of the build.

Concrete Foundation Services

Our poured concrete foundation service ensures our clients have a foundation that is solid all the way through, offering increased dependability and durability. With our combined service package of excavation and poured concrete foundations, our customers can rest assured that their foundation will be professionally constructed using high-quality materials and equipment for a precise, strong and durable build.

Building Structure

Building Structure is a core product in our portfolio of offerings. We are specially positioned to handle the erection of our client’s building. Experienced crews erect our structures in a safe and efficient manner, paving the way for the remainder of our client’s project build elements to commence without delay.

Interior Build-Out

Once the exterior structure of our client’s building is in place, we are there to help them with the interior of the building including architectural and MEP elements as well. At RIC Construction, we understand that interior build-outs are typically fast tracked projects, as occupying the space is linked with our client’s ability to create revenue for their business. We work with our skilled trades to coordinate the efforts in a way that maximizes our customer’s budget and allows them to move into their new space as soon as possible.

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